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As is inevitable with anyone who writes a blog, I haven’t updated this in a little while. I have no regrets and will not furiously apologize to you, dear reader, since this blog mainly serves to showcase/shamelessly self-promote my own endeavors. To that end, here are some updates in my recent world:

I just got back from being on the road for a short run of dates in Vermont with AlyCat. Besides having a blast on the various gigs throughout that fine state, the band had a chance to relax and enjoy the changing season. Some real gems were found at Burlington Records, and I couldn’t resist picking up a signed Henry Mancini LP, made out “to Gail.” The record was filed under the “cheese” section, and with the lush strings on the opening Beatles Medley, I suppose that is apt. The Magic Hat Brewery tour was also a great time. Copious beer sampling and beer mixing ensued, as our able barkeep guided us through “Caramel Apple,” “High 9,” “Smoked Apple,” and probably more. Yeah, AlyCat may have had too much fun in Vermont.

My film production company, Naut Pictures, begins shooting our next short this weekend. Entitled “Izzy’s Storm,” this one is a stark contrast to our two other shorts made this year, “Trouble’s A’Brewin’” and “Max Thrust.” All three films are the brainchild of my co-conspirator, the amazingly imaginative Dom Hilton, and we’d like “Izzy’s Storm” to round out our rep as we have plans for bigger (and longer) productions. Many of the usual cast and crew suspects are on board for this short, and I’m continually encouraged by the wonderful dynamic of this team. I realized earlier this year that working on a film is like being in the ultimate band: instead of each band member bringing their own specialty (drums, guitar, bass, voice, etc.), a film crew has even more niche roles (actors, camera, sound, make-up, director, etc.), and they are all working towards the greater good of making the best possible movie. It’s really cool to watch it work, and being producer affords me the opportunity to help coordinate it all.

Dylan Taylor and I are taking a short break from working on his record because he was contacted by a Taiwanese filmmaker to provide music for a feature film. The director has requested that Dylan arrange “The House of the Rising Sun” in many different ways. For the last couple of months, we have been recording versions that stretch the familiar tune in all sorts of genres and different sound worlds. A theme and variations to say the least. It’s been a fun process and we’re told the film will have English subtitles when all is said and done, so I’m quite interested to see the finished product.

Exuberance has a gig tonight that features some heavy Philly cats: Steve Giordano and Bob Meashey. I’ll be there with proverbial bells on.

Also, I was in Asheville, NC last month mixing my good friend Jamie Paul’s record. A full blog post will be necessary to describe that experience, so I hope to get my act together to write it soon.

As a random side note, the David Byrne and St. Vincent record has some of the most innovative textures I’ve ever heard. Please give it a try if you haven’t already.

At the risk of rambling (too late?), I’ll end here. Thanks to all who follow these posts. I’m having a blast and don’t see any sign of stopping.

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