Daniel J. Bowen: Blood Moon

Blood MoonI couldn’t think of any better way to get backing into blogging then to share a recent project that I think is way cool and unique. Daniel J. Bowen is a guy that I pretty much grew up with. We used to play music in high school for various talent shows, basketball games, and other such high school type opportunities. He’s one of those guys that has always made me turn my head to hear what he’s playing, not to mention pushing me to be a better musician. Since then, we’ve kept in touch intermittently. Every few months he’ll give me a call to get my take or advice on something, and it’s a call I always take. Daniel is just one of those guys you want to be around, and one of those guys I always want to help if I can. For this record, I was so happy to be involved and facilitate such an enriching project.

Imagine my surprise when I guy I’ve known primarily for playing gospel, R’n’B, and jazz, shows up with full sized orchestral scores. Daniel was inspired by the Blood Moon, a celestial event that has had much historical and religious significance. I helped Daniel contract several orchestral players for this project, and engineered the strings, horns, and voice. Daniel, the ever evolving and super talented guy that he is, mixed the project and is working on a documentary about the experience.

This music is haunting, introspective, and beautiful. Check it out.

la giara

I wanted to drop in a quick update here to let everyone know about an event happening this Friday. I do a lot of work with Minas, a husband and wife duo who play Brazilian jazz, bossa nova, and samba. They are wonderful people who make lovely music. Patricia King of Minas has spent the last 5 years writing a book about her family’s history. She has now taken the book and adapted it into an operetta, with tuneful songs that dip into Italian folk music, opera, Choro, and jazz. La Giara premieres this Friday at World Cafe Live.

My part in this production involves live video projections to go along with the music. This is a new role for me, so tackling it’s unique challenges has been a lot of fun, and a great learning experience. The visuals have to be meaningful without being distracting, heightening the story and music without being over the top.

I’m looking forward to being a part of the premiere on Friday, and perhaps will see you there. I even connected Patricia to Joe Soprani, who will be playing accordion that night. Here’s a little promo video that I made to give everyone an idea of what to expect.