sound healing

I started working with Eric Levy on his Sound Healing record in the spring of last year. I don’t really like the term, “concept album,” because I think that every record has a concept. So I suppose a better way of putting it is that this project had a well defined and unifying concept.

Eric is a musician, songwriter, and a sound healing practitioner. He does reiki and workshops incorporating singing bowls. This project incorporates all of that. The album is 7 songs, with one song dedicated to each chakra in the body. Each song begins with a toning exercise, using singing bowls and other droning type instruments. Additionally, the chakras start low and move up in the body, so sonically we had to make everything feel like it was running the continuum of starting heavy and gradually getting lighter. We used several production techniques to achieve this, both in the recording and mixing stages.

It’s been a rewarding experience, and it’s nice that the record is in its finishing stages. In addition to producing and mixing the record, I also played bass and keyboards. Eric just released a video for one of the songs here. And if you are so inclined, he’s raising some funds to finish the project here.

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