My work in film scoring has been sort of serendipitous. That is, I never sought out film scoring gigs or pursued it as a career. It just sort of happened while I was doing other things. I started with just helping some friends shoot short, artsy films that needed original music. Being a musician that is a huge fan of movies and theatre, I felt up to the task of writing the music and having enough of a sense of drama to complement what is being seen on screen. I love the feeling of losing yourself (I guess that is called the “suspension of disbelief”), and only want my music to help with that vehicle. It turns out that I really enjoyed the process, and from there the jobs found me.

My biggest goal is to enhance the visual element to the point of making the music inseparable from the action, and vice versa. To that end, I try to keep a very open mind on the vision of the film, and in what direction the score needs to go. This allows any idea to be on the table, and I’ve been lucky enough to work on such a variety of projects that have stretched me genre-wise into directions I never thought I would go. In that sense, writing music for film requires you to act like a chameleon in many ways – bending and stretching your style to fit the project. For me, this is ideal. I truly love so many musics, and although I have composed and performed in the rock scene, the classical scene, the jazz scene and so on, I’ve never felt like I belonged to one particular world. In writing music for film, I can incorporate everything that I love from those worlds into my own.

Please feel free to browse my past work, and do get in touch if you are interested in discussing your project with me. I have worked in several mediums, from orchestras to all electronic sounds to somewhere in between, and I strive to please every director I work with while retaining a continued curiosity that fuels my desire to keep learning something new. I’ve also been taking on the task of producer lately, which presents another set of challenges and rewards in the filmmaking process.

For a list of film credits, please see the about page.

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