Next Sunrise

Next Sunrise, a short film that I scored last summer, was recently released online, so I thought I would share a few thoughts about my process with the score.

The basic plot involves the main character feeling stuck in his life, without anything on the horizon or any real hopes or ambitions.  His life exemplifies “the grind,” until he is visited by a freewheeling friend, fresh off an extended trip in Brazil.  The friend convinces the main character to play hooky for the day, and tries to impress upon him the things that really matter in life.

With the music, I wanted to contrast the monotonous aspects of the main character’s life with the idyllic montage of living in an exotic place like Brazil.  I was going for a Radiohead influenced electronic score mixed with some Jobim-esque harmonic structures, since to me, Brazil means Jobim.

It should be noted that due to the wonders of technology, my role in this film required no face time or even phone time with the director.  We were able to send files back and forth, and subsequent notes, entirely through electronic means (from LA to Philly).  It’s always encouraging to work this way, enabling creativity no matter where you are located.

Thanks to director Jim Stevens for asking me to score the film, and thanks to Jason Fracaro, who enjoyed my work with The Beans enough to float my name for the gig.

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