My Corndog and Me

The latest release from comedy troupe The Beans centers around a man and his love for corndogs.  Well, not just any corndog – he seems to fall in love with one specific corndog to the point where it inspires a dream sequence of courting, making love to, having babies with, growing old, and eventually dying alongside this corndog.

It’s ridiculously silly, campy, and generally pretty stupid.  That seems to be the point.  The director decided that the corndog love story should be told with only images and music, which put the score front and center as a crucial element in the action.  Musically, it was a real playground for me.  Since it is very short with scene changes every 5-10 seconds on average, the music had to keep a certain amount of motion while still being diverse and unique to each sequence.  I decided to write a few themes that would occur throughout the score, but then stretch myself genre-wise with each change of sequence.  So, in a two minute short I attempted to write music in the style of dub step, cheesy orchestra swells, 70’s funky porno music complete with slap bass, a Lifetime-esque piano/synth “feel good moment,” and a jug band with the approximation of a drunken kazoo frontman.  It was a lot of fun, and hopefully it works for you.  If it doesn’t, then maybe you’ll just never understand the love between a man and his corndog.

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