musical candlelight

The later part of the summer really got away from me (at least, as far as maintaining this website is concerned). So, I wanted to take a moment to share a new musical project by the amazing guitarist, Steve Giordano. Earlier this year, Steve and I talked about doing some work together, and he told me about a duo he was working on with vocalist Carla Jenkins. Steve is known for being a jazz guitarist with serious compositional skills and tasteful, yet always impressive, chops. This project is very different for him, as it is quite atmospheric. The music is moody, haunting, and evocative. Shredding it ain’t. To that end, I wanted to create a space to fit the visual appeal of the music, and thought that filming an in-studio performance would really convey the vibe. We setup the studio more like a film, with set design, props, and dramatic lighting. The result is below.

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