buried alive

This seemed like an appropriate title for my first post since October. After returning from a killer tour with AlyCat, things got busy. And then the holidays happened, so it was all a wash, as is the case for so many of us. But with a new year upon us, and a snow day forcing me to stay in, I want to try and post some recent activities on here. I will not promise or resolve to do better in 2014, but I will do better for right now.

Last spring, I got a call to work at the Merriam Theater for comedian Aziz Ansari. We would be on the crew filming a comedy special to be released at a later date (my good friend, Matt Martin, was also on crew). I worked as A2, recording the audio from the show, and it was a really great experience (climbing through and hanging off of parts of the Merriam to run cables was something I’d never thought I would do). At the time, the special did not have an outlet. That is, a party to distribute the end product. I believe that Ansari was considering just offering the special direct to fans, since Louis C.K. opened the door for such a system to succeed. But in November, Netflix decided to pick it up, and the hour long stand-up comedy special was premiered.


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