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I’m very excited to announce that I’ve taken on another gig (yes, another gig – sleep is overrated) at Forge Recording in Oreland, PA.  It’s a fantastic facility, with the main studio designed by John Storyk, who actually taught my acoustics course back at ye olde LVC.  Storyk knows a thing or two about studio design – his first gig was Hendrix’s Electric Ladyland.  Studying under him was both humbling and exciting, and it’s really wonderful to work out of a room that he approves of.  And man, does this room sound great!

Anyway, I’ve been engineering and producing sessions at Forge as well as giving private ProTools instruction in the building’s studio B.  All of these experiences have been wonderful thus far, and I am incredibly appreciative to be accepted by the great crew over at Forge.

Besides that, here’s a quick update on some other projects:

  • The short film that I am producing and scoring, entitled Max Thrust, is currently in post-production.  We are working on editing, animation, and music, and will triage all facets of the production in hopes of getting it done to submit to the Philadelphia Film Festival.  It’s a geek-com with lots of crotch-centric humor.  Looking good so far!
  • I’m also in the middle of production with monster Philadelphia jazz bassist Dylan Taylor.  We are working on his debut solo album and have brought in some really fantastic guests (both a who’s who of the Philly jazz scene and beyond).  I can’t really say much beyond this, but the tunes are sounding fantastic.

  • I represent a jazz sextet in Philly called Exuberance.  Their tunes are straight-ahead with latin influences, and they have really been making a name for themselves around the city.  There are talks of an album, so I’ll keep you all posted.


  • Gigs keep coming in for AlyCat, who I’ve been playing with recently.  Aly is a soulful songwriter with a captivating stage presence, and on stage you’ll find me playing keyboards and bass (sometimes in the same song).  We’re opening for Bernie Worrell this fall, which will definitely be a night to get your funk on.  Aly also has an album in the works.
  • My music is being used for Missing Miranda, a feature film in its infancy.  The crew is based in LA, and they are trying to raise a budget through Kickstarter to produce the entire movie.  If they are successful, there’s a good chance I’ll be working with them some more. Fingers crossed!
  • My good friend Jamie Paul is working on a record.  Since he lives in North Carolina and therefore I can’t work hands-on alongside him in the studio, Jamie has been sending me demos and takes from the sessions as he goes along so that I can give him feedback.  We call this “ghost producing,” and I couldn’t be happier to just be involved in whatever capacity I can – his songs are killer.

That’s about all the news I’ll subject you to (for now).  More updates on everything will be forthcoming, but I’ve certainly got plenty to keep me busy.  For this, I am thankful and happy.  Whether it’s being involved in the creative process or helping others in that process, I get fulfillment.  Thanks for reading.

Oh, and today I ran a 5k in downtown Philly with some good friends.  During the run, we would periodically get pelted with colored powder.  It was intentional.

All the best,


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