About Brendan

Brendan McGeehan is a true utility player in the music industry. A trained recording engineer and studied musician, he is adept and comfortable behind the board, in the producer’s chair, as well as performing bass, piano, or ukulele on the other side of the glass.

Equally at home at a rock venue, classical concert hall, or jazz club, Brendan’s enthusiasm and love and understanding of many genres of music keeps him in demand as a dude you might want to work with.

As an engineer, Brendan is constantly involved in the production of sounds, whether it’s working as the in-house producer/engineer for an 80 year-old Philadelphia accordion legend or mixing audio for 20,000 people at PPL park for the Philadelphia Union at an MLS game, and all things in between. Brendan is a staff engineer, producer, arranger, and session musician at Forge Recording in Oreland, PA, where he also teaches audio production. He also teaches sound design at Lebanon Valley College.

On the live stage, Brendan currently plays bass and keyboards for Philadelphia acts AlyCatWeekender, and Matt Spitko, and has toured extensively up and down the east coast.

As a composer and sound designer, he has scored music for many films over the last few years, working with directors from Philadelphia to LA on shorts, features, corporate, and non-profit films. His latest documentary, “Dizzy Fingers: the Life of Joe Soprani” was featured on NPR and enjoyed a sold-out premiere.

Recent highlights include producing a Brazilian jazz album incorporating over 60 musicians for Philadelphia based group Minas, working on Aziz Ansari’s comedy special, “Buried Alive,” directing “We Are Music,” a music video that layers the talents of 20 musicians, all performing live at different iconic Philadelphia settings, and producing and engineering jazz records that include performances by Larry Coryell, Mike Clark, Orrin Evans, and more.

Please take a look around at the sights and sounds, and feel free to get in touch if you’d be interested in working together.

Also, please find some of my credits below:

Film Scores

  • Groundhogs (2015) Dir: Jamel Northern
  • Hermione (2015) Dir: Dom Hilton
  • Blind Date (2015) Dir: Jamel Northern
  • PeopleMetrics (2014) Dir: Dom Hilton
  • Providence Center - audio mixer and score for non-profit org (2014) Dir: Dom Hilton
  • Dizzy Fingers – plane crash sequence (2014) Dir: Dom Hilton
  • Izzy’s Storm (2014) Dir: Dom Hilton
  • Capt. Jerry (2013) Dir: Dom Hilton
  • Remember the Pain (2012) Dir: Idit Knaan
  • Max Thrust (2012) Dir: Dom Hilton
  • Trouble’s A’Brewin’ (2012) Dir: Dom Hilton
  • Next Sunrise (2011) Dir: Jim Stevens
  • Bro Hugs (2011) Dir: Jason Fracaro
  • Bear Hands (2011) Dir: Brandon Michael Cater
  • Holy Sh*t (2011) Dir: Brandon Michael Cater
  • like…totally (2011) Dir: Brandon Michael Cater
  • My Corndog and Me (2011) Dir: Brandon Michael Cater
  • Purple (2009) Dir: Maxwell Haddad
  • Sleeping With the Fishes (2008) Dir: Peter Defeo
  • Brother’s War (2007) Dir: Lindsay Snyder
  • Apt. 203 (2006) Dir: Jamie Paul
  • Rayne’s Reef (2005) Dir: Jamie Paul


    • We Are Music [film] (2015) - a collective of over 20 Philadelphia musicians, including the late Dante Bucci
      • [producer, engineer, bass]
    • Kailey (2015) - Kailey Prall (Pop)
      • [keyboards, bass, horn arrangement]
    • Blood Moon (2015) - Daniel J. Bowen (Orchestral)
      • [engineer]
    • Halfway There (2015) - M’Balia Singley (Jazz)
      • [engineer]
    • Jeans (2015) - Jennifer Logue (Pop)
      • [bass, Moog]
    • Music for a Winter Storm (2015) - Dylan Taylor feat. Larry Coryell & Mike Clark (Jazz)
      • [producer/additional engineer]
    • Good As Gold (2015) - Eric Paul Levy (Jazz)
      • [producer/engineer/bass/keyboards]
    • Symphony in Bossa (2015) - Minas (Brazilian jazz)
      • [producer]
    • We are Music (2014) – AlyCat (funk jam electro)
      • [keyboards, engineer, mastering engineer]
    • Topics of Conversation (2014) – Tim Wolfe, Jr. (jazz)
      • [mastering engineer]
    • Wonder & Fury EP (2013) – Wonder and Fury (indie rock)
      • [bass, mastering engineer]
    • Sweeter for the Struggle (2013) – Dylan Taylor (jazz)
      • [producer, co-engineer]
    • HotBox [music video] (2013) – AlyCat
      • [producer/sound design]
    • Buried Alive (2013) – Aziz Ansari (comedy special – Netflix)
    • Takao Dancer (2013) Dir: Wen-Shing Ho (premiered at Tokyo International Fim Festival)
      • [musical score sound engineer/mixer/performer]
    • Cat Lady (2013) – AlyCat (funk/jam/electro)
      • [producer/mix engineer/keyboards/bass]
    • Higher [music video] (2013) – AlyCat
      • [producer/sound design]
    • EP (2013) – The Strange Heat (pop)
      • [mix engineer]
    • Let it Mend (2012) – Jamie Paul (country)
      • [producer/mix engineer/organ]
    • Punk Funk Fugato! (2011) – Counter Riot (rock/funk/jam/punk)
      • [bass/keyboards/back-up vocals]
    • Tim Wolfe Quartet – Demo (2011) (jazz)
      • [engineer]
    • Going Under (2011) (feature film)
      • [mixer/sound design] Dir: Carman Spoto
    • Mele Kalikimaka (2010) – Self released (holiday)
      • [ukulele/bass/production]
    • Understanding & Managing Anxiety (2009)
      • [recording engineer/original score - relaxation music]
    • The Off Season Sessions (2007) – The Last Resort (jazz/orchestral)
      • [bass/composer/producer]
    • Digging Up the Past (2006) – The Anthony Lattanze Band (rock/Americana)
      • [bass/keyboards/back-up vocals/co-production]
    • Old School (2006) – The Last Resort (jazz/experimental)
      • [bass/composer/producer]
    • The Blackbird Revue (2005) – The Blackbird Revue (folk/country/indie)
      • [bass]
    • Slightly Seasoned (2005) – The Last Resort (jazz)
      • [bass/composer/producer]
    • Asks the Room to Please Stop Spinning (2004) – Johnny Action Figure (pop/indie)
      • [bass]

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