aaron & the spell

Well, it’s been a while. This site has grown embarrassingly out of date, and all I can say is that life happens, the good and the bad, and updating my website somehow became the last item on my list.

Enough of that. Plenty¬†has¬†been happening, and I plan to post with regularity to document and reflect the highlights over the past couple of years. Plus, I’ve updated my bio, music, and film pages, so please take a peak to see and hear what I’ve been up to.

But this post is about Aaron Parnell Brown. I had heard his name and his music around Philly for several years, and been a fan. I’ve just started playing with Aaron and his band, The Spell, over the last 6 months or so. His music is exactly the type of stuff I love – soulful, bluesy, energetic, all with something to say. Aaron is a thoughtful leader, and the band cooks. The first time we got together to rehearse, we already felt like a band. That’s no small task.

Last month, Aaron wanted to film an NPR Tiny Desk audition. Regardless of what happens with the video submission, the filming was a lot of fun. We shot the video at RareCo, this great antique shop in South Philly. They had the greatest collection of old, weird, cool stuff I’ve ever seen in one room. Just as an example, there was a giant high heel hanging from the ceiling. Like 10 feet long, and oh, it was built completely from wire clothes hangers and zip ties.

I hope you enjoy the video, which I also had the pleasure of mixing.

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