welcome to the fluff’n’fold

Naut Pictures just finished our latest production, which turned out to be a short film/music video for AlyCat, the group I play with. Shot over two grueling evenings, the whole production was a blast. How often do you get to take over a launderette after hours, fill the place with disco lights, puppets, musicians, and bubbles, AND get to film it?

The concept for the video was spawned during AlyCat’s last tour to Vermont. Our drummer was waxing on some potential lucrative business ventures and came up with the idea of a launderette that doubles as a club/venue while pretty girls do your laundry, freeing up the patrons to enjoy the atmosphere. And thus, the Fluff’n’Fold was born. The idea was further refined and built upon by the band and my imaginative filmmaking partner, Dom Hilton, and then we had plot worth producing.

One of the most amazing parts about this shoot was how well everything came together. Sure, we did a ton of planning beforehand, but even then, shoots can easily go all “Lost in La Mancha” on you. This one really didn’t. The entire cast and crew was unbelievably helpful and constructive during the whole process, and I think the film really benefits.

I hope that you enjoy your visit to the Fluff’n’Fold.