lullaby for s.a.

Some good friends of mine just welcomed their beautiful new daughter into the world.  For another installment of “musical gifts,” I decided to write a lullaby for the baby.  You may be thinking to yourself, “man, he’s a cheap bastard, forcing his music onto his friends instead of getting them a proper gift.”  And maybe you’re right, but either way this was a lot of fun to compose.

I started out like I usually start out, by making a list of characteristics that I wanted the piece to embody.  There are certain expectations that lullabies typically live up to – simple harmonic motion (I-V), a triple meter, and a slow, cradle rocking type of feel.  I intended to incorporate all of these elements.  Texturally, I wanted all instruments involved to be playful and youthful in nature.  Bell type tones have always indicated innocence to my ears, so I included a piano in the higher register, a glockenspiel/toy piano hybrid, and low marimba to round out the range.  I also had to include some ukulele, because, well just because.

The melody is built on the musical letters in the baby’s name (D-E-A).  I then washed the mix down with a big glass of reverb and called it a day.  I gave the gift this past weekend, and my friends seemed to enjoy it.  I hope that you do, too.